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  • In August 2023 the Office of the Inspectorate of the Department of Corrections issued a report on the prison management of pregnant women and mothers of infant children.  The report “Mothers and Babies” examines the management of pregnant women, those in prison with a child in the community and opportunities for mothers with children in the community to maintain support of parental relationships.  The conclusion is that all three of the women’s prisons have well-resourced and inviting spaces for mothers to care for their children under 24 months old but that the facilities are under used and their potential only partially fulfilled.  The report will be of interest to practitioners acting for women prisoners/defendants. FINAL Inspectorate thematic report - Mothers and Babies.pdf


  • The 2023 budget did not provide increases in legal aid funding, particularly the duty lawyer rate remained frozen at its 2006 rate. A Special General Meeting of CBA will be called to discuss action and to consider legal advise regarding professional obligations while pursuing this campaign.


  • In November 2022 a CBA group met with the Minister of Justice to discuss topics including; legal aid, name suppression, judicial resources, name suppression and prisoner issues.
  • Following the 2022 CBA meet with the Legal Services Commissioners to raise concerns that the announced budget increases to legal aid were not resulting in substantial increases to legal aid and particularly noted the low rates for duty solicitors and fixed fees. 
  • Successful CBA Conference in Auckland 5 - 7 August, this included the new Minister of Justice the Honourable Kiri Allan, the Chief Justice Justice Winkelmann , Justice Kos, President Cooper, Chief High Court Judge Thomas and Chief District Court Judge Taumaunu.  Conference Dinner at the Auckland Museum.
  • CBA has appeared in Court of Appeal and Supreme Court as intervenor on issues including murder sentencing and access to mental health services and hopes to appear in further cases in 2023.
  • CBA making submissions to parliamentary select committees and participating in the CPIP workstream consultation process and contributing to  High Court Disclosure working group.

CBA Legal Aid Survey

08 Mar 2024

Our CBA President Annabel Cresswell and Vice President Adam Simperingham are committed to bringing about increases to legal aid rates, for the benefit of CBA members and other legal aid providers. In real terms, legal aid providers have not received a pay increase for more than 17 years.  The Criminal Bar Association (CBA) has been concerned about the ongoing failure to adequately remunerate legal aid and failure to inflation adjust rates for criminal defence Lawyers and duty Lawyers.

We are asking all legal aid practitioners (not just CBA members) if you will please take the time to complete the survey that has been sent out. 

The CBA is wanting to gather feedback from the profession on whether there is support for action in relation to the rates and obtain your views on how the rates are impacting access to justice and sustainability of the criminal defence bar.

We would appreciate your time and input. 

If you have any further questions or comments or you have not received a link and are a criminal legal aid provider, please email



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